We connect refrigeration assets with consumers in real time

Our algorithms predict data and provide highly valuable business insights to increase sales and avoid outages in the cold chain of refrigerated foods.

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Our solutions

Sensify activos comerciales

Business assets

Improves the performance of refrigeration assets at points of sale.

Sensify activos comerciales
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Cold chain

Avoid cuts in the cold chain and guarantee the quality of your refrigerated products.

Sensify cadena de frio

Solutions for refrigeration equipment manufacturers

Integrate Sensify technology and increase the value of your devices
and increase the value of your device
sensify caso de exito goodcold

Success story GoodCold

GoodCold compact equipment incorporates an intelligent module by Sensify, to monitor and control its operation through a WiFi connection.

Sensify caso de exito inelro

Success story Inelro

El Dorado SA (Inelro) is the largest manufacturer of commercial refrigerators in Argentina. Integrates Sensify technology into its production line.

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“Sensify gives us real-time visibility into our refrigerators, which allows us to better manage assets and speed up internal company processes. Together we innovate to improve the experience of our consumers and, thus, increase sales”

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