Take care of the quality of your refrigerated products with preventive alerts

Sensify distribuidores
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Sensify distribuidores

Monitor in real time temperature

View data in real time from any Smartphone or PC, remotely. Avoid cuts in the cold chain and obtain digitized records for audits

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Success story Frizata

Through always-on monitoring, our Cloud platform guarantees the quality of frozen foods produced by Frizata. We appreciate the trust that has driven this alliance for years.

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Success story Rosario Food Bank

Since 2021, we have contributed to the traceability in the cold chain of food recovered by the Rosario Food Bank and, in this way, we increase its safety and the transparency of its management.

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“Sensify gives us real-time visibility into our refrigerators, which allows us to better manage assets and speed up internal company processes. Together we innovate to improve the experience of our consumers and, thus, increase sales”

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